Drop by drop

There is a silence – so deep- It births noises in my head- That deafens my soul- So echo can seep in and take Over- away- along with it Like a cloud Floats safely – into abyss- And pour them – drop by drop.


Whenever I cook I yearn for that look Those wide, probing eyes Full of love Waiting for a nibble with a dribble. Whenever I travel I yearn for the pulse beneath my palms I wonder if she felt like me Claustrophobic I wonder if she knew Having her on my lap comforted me Not the … Continue reading Bell



Dreams A mirror of your sub-conscience Thoughts A mirror of your feelings Feelings of love and warmth For Brothers Who drifted away Just like that At the drop of a hat. Dropped down to the bottom of the list Or just knocked out of it Who knows We spun memories together Now Just cropped out … Continue reading Brothers